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Visiting New York author, Angelica Harris, to talk about her book "Titanic: The Brothers Peracchio—Two Boys and a Dream"

The tragic history of RMS Titanic has fascinated people for over a century. As a young woman, author Angelica Harris was mesmerized by the stories she had heard about the passenger liner, which foundered in the North Atlantic Ocean during her maiden voyage, told at the dinner table by her uncle. Little did Harris know that on one particular day, her uncle would ask her to become the family historian and find out what happened to his older brothers. That day became a journey of discovery of her family legacy that would evolve into her writing about the catastrophic voyage.

Titanic: The Brothers Peracchio—Two Boys and a Dream, the second edition of Angelica Harris’ book about the Per­acchio brothers. This book is the true story of Angelica Harris’ uncles Alberto and Sebastiano Peracchio who were from Fubine, Alessandria, Italy. The Peracchio Brothers were crewmem­bers on the RMS Titanic in the À la Carte Restaurant owned and managed by Luigi Gatti, a renowned chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. Angelica’s story is about these great men who perished with the Great Lady of the Sea, the RMS Titanic.

On June 12th, she is coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the third year in a row and will speak at the Italian Canadian Cultural Association. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. and include a question and answer period. Those wishing to do so may purchase an inscribed copy of Titanic: The Brothers Peracchio—Two Boys and a Dreamafter the talk. The Italian Canadian Cultural Association is located at 2629 Agricola Street, Halifax.

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